Which South Coast Club ?

04/01/2014 20:20:07
We are currently based at WPNSA but need some boats to race against.  Options seem to be Castle Cove, Weymouth or Parkstone. Which has the best bar, sailing waters, racing opportunities, atmosphere and tolerance of beginners in the fleet? We have the option of staying at WPNSA and racing with the Weymouth fleet.

04/01/2014 20:38:53
Gareth Griffiths
Castle Cove is a nice club. A good friend of mine is a member I could put you in touch...?

05/01/2014 13:00:54
And Parkstone is absolutely lovely as well, twice weeekly fleet racing in (and outside) beautiful poole harbour, superb clubhouse and facilities, and a very welcoming highly competitive fleet. Contact any of us in the PYC Merlin fleet or Class Captain Richard Whitworth on [email protected] / 07841 233 637

05/01/2014 17:34:25
nix m-s
Weymouth is a great club and had a growing merlin fleet and have what I consider an advantage of racing bigger course out in the bay as opposed castle cove which races in the harbor. I was a member of Weymouth until moving away and race there when ever I can, i find it a really friendly club. Parkstone is a great place to sail and lots of merlins and has the wonder of heated changing room floors...
Your other possibility is Lyme
basically do you want to sail in the best sailing water in the country or go around in small circles somewhere else? I may be somewhat biased though.
contact me if you want any information

05/01/2014 18:39:16
Lyme Regis!

05/01/2014 19:07:23
Biased - moi?
?Best sailing water?  - Portland Harbour it is then, CCSC, and one of the highest regardwed clubs acccording to the 2014 poll of National venues.

05/01/2014 19:39:13
Phil & Ali Ashworth
Hi Alan,
Weymouth is a great venue for all the reasons Nix says. We have racing Monday and Thursday evenings and Saturday afternoons. We regularly get a handful of Merlins out - wide range of ages and talent across the dinghy fleet - great showers and reasonably priced bar - hey, whats not to like about all that! Its a friendly club so why not give us a call - Phil on 01305 760812.


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