Spare mags

24/01/2013 04:26:42
That's great always a good read

Must have been a pretty slow plane

Woof woof

18/12/2013 14:58:58
There are spare mags which I haven't chewed yet so if anybody wants some for their club or toro mote the class in any way let my owner know. I.e. the membership secretary

Happy Xmas everybody

18/12/2013 15:04:09
Ben 3634
Do we need to save some for the dinghy show Colin? PYC would love some as well please.

18/12/2013 16:26:52
Will send you some

Still got plenty for the show

18/12/2013 16:48:38
Please can we have some for Lymington?

18/12/2013 17:04:34
You could send copies to Sailing Clubs, might generate some interest.

21/12/2013 08:59:34
Melanie Hardman
I wonder if I could have one for YCIF in Paris, who hosted Thames in the article by Martin.

21/12/2013 09:06:46
Ok can you send me a name and address to send to

Woof woof

21/12/2013 09:48:41
Hi Megs,can you send some mags to Weymouth Sailing Club,Nothe Parade Weymouth Dorset DT4 8TX.(FAO Andy Young Dinghy Class captain.)

Many thanks

21/12/2013 15:40:26
will do

31/12/2013 19:18:13
Rod & Jo
Megan, we have not received ours at all, please send.

02/01/2014 14:52:58
Julio Arana
Hi Megan,

Happy New Year! I have not received the Autumn/Winter magazine. Can you please send me a copy?

Thank you,


02/01/2014 16:07:42
Hum seems like none of our members that are outside uk have got them,   Have sent rod his and will send one to you Julio

Am trying to figure out with distributors what's happened

Sorry about this

04/01/2014 18:48:35
Melanie Hardman
Thanks for sending on the magazine, sorry I don't check the forum that often. I have it and it's being posted to Paris as we speak :-)

14/01/2014 05:10:02
Julio Arana
Hi Megan, I received my magazine today! I'm enjoying every bit of it. Muchas gracias!


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