Wanting to be back in the Merlin!

09/12/2013 07:18:28

I used to crew when I was a bit younger and probably a tad too light for the conditions we used to go out in! I have taken a few years off sailing to focus on my university course in journalism. I have two propositions.

Firstly I would like to be in the front of the boat again, I miss the aching legs, the carnage on the start line and the well deserved pint at the end of the day! But secondly, I am in my third year of studying journalism about to graduate in the Summer. If there is an event that needs covering coming up after christmas then I would be happy to film and report on it. My area in journalism is TV and it would be ideal for me to promote the class and report on my hobby!

So tell me, what's new?!


09/12/2013 10:07:06
Ben 3634
Hamish please could you contact me...


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