Autumn/Winter Magazine

04/12/2013 11:30:41
Magazine Man
Hi, thought you might like to know the magazine is going to posted today or tomorrow.
So we should have it by the weekend - I hope it cheers up this grey December.
Pat Blake

04/12/2013 16:16:43
Yippee!  I bloody love Merlin mag day!  

Thanks, Uncle P x

09/12/2013 09:41:41
Arrived safely this AM.

10/12/2013 10:22:06
Andy Dalby
Merry Christmas Pat, I thought your latest chef d'oeuvre was absolutely fantastic. 
Thanks you very much. You really do the merlin rocket proud and the magazine wonderfully highlights how lucky we are to sail such a great boat.
Also big congrats on the new mini Burtonioooo!

10/12/2013 11:27:47
Rob Wilder
Another great issue.. a big thank you to all who helped put it together.

12/12/2013 12:59:16
Derik Palmer
The maagazine is always fantastic and the latest edition is no exception!  Huge congratulations to the production team, it's a publication that any other class I've ever been involved with would be very envious of.

As a keen photographer I'm very appreciative of the picture content which is always of the highest standard. May I comment on the cover picture of the Autumn edition? I think this is a fabulous picture; for those that know her it's a really pleasing shot of Harriet. For those that don't, and even for those who are not into sailing, it has an almost balletic quality. The magazine is sitting on my desk in the office today, and so far three people, all non-sailors, have commented on the picture saying 'what a lovely shot'.

Of course, with Harriet sitting right on the gunwhale and the boat still canting to leeward one has to wonder about the avoirdupois on the lee deck...

12/12/2013 14:16:11
Magazine Man
I am glad you liked that shot - so did I.
Alistair Mackay deserves the credit. He took all the shots that were up on the TV screen at Tenby during the Champs and let us use them - thank you Alistair.
It was actually shot in horizontal format so when I was looking for a cover I almost overlooked it, but when I cropped it in I thought - this has to be the one.

31/12/2013 17:15:39
Rod & Jo
We have not received the Autumn/Winter mag. I thought it was just delayed with Christmas post but starting to wonder. Are there any spares?

31/12/2013 18:54:09
Ben Archer
Checkout the post "spare mags"...


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