Felluca at Hollingworth Lake this weekend

30/09/2013 13:06:28
Nick Brook
Just want to give a heads up for the annual Fellucca Trophy meeting to be held at Hollingworth Lake this coming weekend. All the entr links are at the top of the forum page. For the princely sum of £25, you get two days racing in the beautiful Hollingworth Lake Country Park, a tea on Saturday and Sunday Lunch. In addition on Saturday evening there is the traditional HLSC evening meal, prepared by the members, which is three courses, prawn cocktail, chicken in cider and cheesecake all for £10.

Sadly this is the last remaining Silver Tiller event in the North of England and we'd like to encourage all you Northern sailors who haven't been anywhere yet this season to hitch your boats up and come and join us. We're also looking forward to welcoming back our friends old and new from the South and Midlands. It's really not that far!

Nick Brook
MR 3723

01/10/2013 21:33:53
Are spectators ok. Would like to come across with the kids for a look. Thanks John.

02/10/2013 08:43:07
Spectators very welcome, the club overlooks the lake so you'll get a great view of the racing.


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