Christmas or birthday present suggestion for merlin sailors

30/09/2013 12:41:36
Frances Gifford
I was lucky enough to benefit from Trickydicky Sailing's sponsorship of a day at Tenby, (the prize being a day's coaching down in Parkstone on Friday) and can honestly say I would defy anyone not to benefit from a day's coaching with Richard.

So possibly a great present for the person you may think has eveything....

Anyway - highly recommended, he will work with you to improve any aspect of your merlin sailing.

And he was generous enough to donate this prize to five silver fleet and youth boats, thereby I think it is justified to recommend it on this forum.


30/09/2013 14:01:42
Andy Dalby
That is a great present idea indeed!! Hint hint Mrs Dalby. 

(We also had a day with Richard at Parkstone and it was indeed fantastic). I'm sure TrickyDickySailing will do well.

All the pro guys use coaches so it's great we have a highly 'merlin understanding' and friendly guy to use.


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