Inlands results ?

15/09/2013 18:10:38
Can't see anything on the GWSC site.

15/09/2013 18:25:09
Richard (3606)
Try this.
15/09/2013 18:35:58
Richard (3606)
For some reason when you click on the link above the colon after 'https' gets removed.  Just add it again in the address bar and it should take you to a printout of the results on the Merlin Facebook page.

15/09/2013 18:47:13
The photo is out of focus and is unreadable.

15/09/2013 19:19:44
Should we have to rely on a photo on Facebook? cannot clubs we ay to host champs publish results or supply them to our website

15/09/2013 19:44:57
I would have expected a club the stature of grafham to publish results soon after they are finalised ??

16/09/2013 11:40:07
David Child
I have sympathy for both parties the organisers will be run ragged those not present want to know what happened.
Other classes manage a real time blog and tweet you only need one of the bystanders who seem to spend a lot of time on Phones/Blackberrys to do it.
Anyway glad the regatta went well and Keith Callaghans design finally showed a bit of its potential. Well done the prize winners.

16/09/2013 12:31:59
more patient than you lot are !
results are here
16/09/2013 13:04:07
Well done to Taxi and Tom!

A bit of history in the making I think as Taxi and his boat (3684) have now won all 4 of the main events. I'm not sure any other boat has ever achieved this feat before???

16/09/2013 13:04:38
And the Midland circuit for that matter....


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