Anyone Selling @ £3000-£4000

09/09/2013 20:51:55
Have sold 3463 so now seriously looking for an upgrade before crew spends the money on something else!  I'm looking in the £3k-£4k bracket and don't want /can't afford a Winder yet (maybe when I know what I am doing!!)and someone has to keep the other flavours going!  3471 and 3571 in the frame but want to know if anyone else is going to put a beauty on the market?!

10/09/2013 08:49:52
You won't find much better than either of those two boats. 3506 is worth a look too. Smartypants is the forerunner of the Make it So's and a one off. Was always a quick boat and is still only on it's second owner both of which have had it garaged the whole season through. It is in first class condition.


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