Rock N Roll at Tamesis - Saturday night 12 Oct 2013

22/08/2013 08:40:27
Got your attention?

No, not Rule 42 but a night of Rock N Roll at Tamy on Sat 12th October 2013.

Excellent Rock N Roll DJ spinning the tunes.

3 course Home Cooked Meal from 7.45 pm.

Bar open from 7 pm.

Please join us after the Vintage sailing & ideal preparation for the Sunday open and Sondown Cup racing.

Please email me to reserve place or call me on 0789 439 3800.

Cheers, Charlie
22/08/2013 09:40:28
RH .
Why the pig ?

25/08/2013 10:04:57
It was a typo in my email to Tom McClaughin our poster designer. I asked for pig of some some Merlins when it should have been 'pic'. It has stuck, Tom being a busy man I didn't want to waste his time to change it.

25/08/2013 10:07:22
my email is [email protected] tel 0789 439 3800.

26/08/2013 22:27:23
Bob Lobby
and what is this 'Rock n Roll' you speak of?

27/08/2013 09:51:25
It's the way they tack at Tamesis.

30/08/2013 18:26:40
Charlie Morgan
No rule 42 on the dance floor

04/09/2013 18:11:18
Bob Lobby
Let's Rock.

06/09/2013 14:31:10
And camp....

Tamy can offer camping on the Saturday night for those travelling.

Campervans in the Car Park and room for tents on the lawn.

Please let me know. Cheers Charlie

03/10/2013 17:33:38
Richard (3606)
With the grand finale at Ranelagh, the penultimate Thames Series outing (also a Silver Tiller event) is at Tamesis on Sunday 13th October, preceded on Saturday 12th October by the Vintage De May open.

So, dig out those sleeping bags so you can take advantage of the campervan and tent space, and enjoy Tammy's Merlin Rocket class Rock 'n' Roll festivities on Saturday night...

03/10/2013 19:29:33
Hi All

We have a great evening planned for Sat 12 Oct at Tamy from 7pm.

3 course meal, open bar and DJ playing Rock N Roll.

We are cooking so please can you email me before this Sunday pm to let me know if you can make it.

Friends and family welcome, Many thanks Charlie


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