Mast collection from Hunts SC this weekend

21/08/2013 14:00:35
Tim B
Hi all your lovely Merlin peeps..
I'm trying to get my Merlin mast,, main and jib collected from Hunts SC this weekend, and head down toward the South coast..Ideally it needs to be strapped to another mast or large roof rack
I'm around Chichester/Shoreham area.

I would consider a delivery to Weymouth in time for the open on the 31st too, as I could get a kind soul from Shoreham SC to collect.

Usual beer/fine wine and big cakes offered for your assistance
Tim B

21/08/2013 20:29:56
Several of us from Warminster (Wiltshire) area are going to Hunts and could bring it this far if it helps.
Any other vintage Merlins going to the De May event?

22/08/2013 00:01:46
Tim B
Hi Pat
That's the best offer so far..all I need is to get the mast to Weymouth for the Merlin Open, and then onto Shoreham..Phew!!..

Lots of wine/beer and cake

22/08/2013 08:22:49
Garry R
I am in Cheddar area and could also transport it back from Hunts if that's closer to Weymouth than Warminster.  I'm leaving tomorrow and will be back lateish on Monday night.

26/09/2013 16:37:09
william warren
hi Tim

Andy Hay gave me a mast at weymouth which is sitting in my dad's garaage in Worthing now. Is this yours??

26/09/2013 23:29:34
Tim B
Yes it is Will
I shall contact him to collect asap
Tim B


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