Merlin champs: Important info about arriving in Tenby

05/08/2013 11:41:57
On approach to Tenby after passing "Welcome to Tenby" sign bear left following signs to North Beach and Walled town. This is the only easy access to the Harbour. If you miss it you may have to come back to this junction.

Ignore traffic restriction signs (in place between 11am and 5pm) and proceed to the seafront as far as the Walled Town barrier (in front of Royal Lion Hotel). Outside these times just proceed normally down to Harbour.

Tenby SC has arranged with Pembrokeshire C.C. to allow limited movements through the town to transport boats and/or trailers to/from the Harbour.

These arrangements apply on:

- Friday 9th Aug (early arrivals)
- Saturday 10th Aug (Arrival of competitors)
- Friday/Saturday 16th, 17th Aug (Departure of competitors)

To go down to the Harbour obey traffic light control to proceed down to harbour via Crackwell St. (maximum 5 minute wait). We intend to have at least one club member here to help.

To leave Harbour obey traffic light control at top of Harbour Hill to exit via Crackwell Street.

Notice to competitors staying out of town.

The most convenient way to come in each day is to park in the North Beach Car Park (£2.00 a day, in 2012). It’s about a 10 minute walk to the harbour across the sea front. The park and ride bus to the harbour runs from 10.00am to 6.00pm.

Road trailers (but no cars) can also be left at Greenhill School – a £5 charge payable to the Beachmaster. Map available at the Beachmasters Office near Clubhouse.

05/08/2013 15:23:29
Andrew M
Will it be possible to drop off boats late on Friday night as some poor mugs can't get away from work till late afternoon?

05/08/2013 16:40:39
william warren
I'm sure it will be fine. We will be there anyway till fairly late Friday sampling the beer quality...sorry I mean organising!

05/08/2013 16:51:49
Make sure it's a thorough test.

05/08/2013 16:58:31
Hi Sophie. Thanks for the directions but can I just check, my google says Crackwell Street is one-way (up from the Harbour only)? Am I right in thinking that, outside of the pedestrian zone limits, we go straight down the High Street to get to the club? During the pedestrian zone limits, I assume Crackwell Street becomes 2-way, controlled by traffic lights?

05/08/2013 17:17:22
yes, that's my understanding of it. I've just updated the website with the full info
06/08/2013 23:09:53
So...  It's left at the barrier except on alternate Thursdays and every third Friday, unless the lights flash when there's no r in the month, which means it's one-way the other way, so we have to go right, right again, then left at the zoo, right?

07/08/2013 23:32:31
Butt Head
Dont even mention the zoo :(

I got taken there in 1969 and thrice was butted doen the steps by a goat, on finaly getting inside zoo the reptile house was full of jam jars and other glass vessels with snakes, lizards and other creepy reptiles either dozing or dying in them and I refuse to even remember the spiders.......
The only way I get by is remembering the Caldy Island Chocolate....

08/08/2013 10:07:36
a GOD in reverse
Far fewer animals now, just a hairy dog, in fact it's a Zshitzu.

08/08/2013 13:26:16
Looks like perfect winds forecast     And nice and sunny. Fantastic


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