lost your rudder bag at salcombe

17/07/2013 10:06:54
Found on Mill Bay beach - like the glass slipper - if it fits!

17/07/2013 23:31:45
Mark Waterhouse
Stuart, iif its  blue and old looking  , it's probably mine. Couldn't find it when arrived back on millbay on Monday. Email me or call me on 07825 047304 . I'll be on the beach  too.

19/07/2013 20:33:10
If its blue, old looking and has 3578 written on it - it's ours! Call me on 07763 381285.

22/07/2013 15:05:49
the gurn
the lad Jason Andrews claimed it whilst holding his boat, blocking all concerned cos he didnt get his trolly sorted - what with a fishing boat and a lorry on the slip, all the giant motorboats arriving for the friday night fuel usage competition,  and the council emptying the floating recycling bins it was a pretty amazing sight at 4.30 friday!


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