Mainsail number sizes

09/07/2013 18:37:39
RH .
Does anybody know the standard number heights for a Merlin mainsail ? I thought it would be prescribed in the rules but cannot find anything and there appear to be a number of!

09/07/2013 18:40:23
RH .
I've now found it in the rules so 12" ?

09/07/2013 19:51:10
measurement man
Hi RH..

Sail number size, position and spacing are a prescription in the Racing Rules of Sailing (Rule 77), and vary for boats of different lengths. Sizes are detailed in Appendix G section 1.2b.

For a Merlin min letter height is 300mm and min space between characters and the edge of the sail 60mm.

All info available on the ISAF web site


09/07/2013 20:10:58
All these different sources for one class it would be good if the relavent excerpts (not just references.)were published as an addenda to the rules so much more joined up.

10/07/2013 15:44:21
Bob Lobby
Hey, that's a great idea for an online business...

10/07/2013 18:33:31
Go ahead!!!

10/07/2013 18:34:31
Go ahead!!!

10/07/2013 20:35:33
Bob Lobby
Nah... I'll just get ripped off by somebody on Dragons Den, what's the point.

10/07/2013 21:11:13
Think of it as putting something back into sailing!

09/08/2013 08:57:42
Dan Alsop
Until fairly recently we used to print the rules in the handbook but it was found impossible to avoid errors and so many discepancies arose between them and the RYA version (not by any means all down to MROA!) that the Committee decided to discontinue the practice.  In any case, mistakes or none, the version on the RYA website is the official version.  The rules are being reformatted into the ISAF format and will then contain appropriate references to other relevant documents, such as ERS and RRS.


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