3528 Watermark

04/07/2013 11:34:24
Anyone got a view on 3528 'Watermark', a Chipstow with material foredeck.  It has been on Appollo Duck for quite a while and I am thinking about it as a next step from my Bagley NSM2 3463.  We are learning to sail the rocket this year and pondering 3528 as a boat to get us on some silver tiller start lines next year where we might learn how to race!

04/07/2013 21:56:27
its a good boat but 3484 is a better deal lol

05/07/2013 07:12:48
Neal, this may be true but I can't see the pictures of 3484!

15/07/2013 13:22:18
emial you some pictures alan


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