04/07/2013 09:53:31
Martin Hunter
Hi,  are we going to get any up to date results and write ups for the river and de may series , we must be half way through the season and apart from Cookham, we have even seen a write up for the River Champs, is this whats going to happen in the future?

05/07/2013 08:51:04
Ben MR 1477
Hi Martin and other De May participants,

Sorry ! I know these should be on the site. I have put all of the entries in but sailwave isn't behaving itself. I need to have a close look and see what I've done wrong. I will print out what I have and bring a copy to Bosham.

Write Ups - You mentioned this last year Martin ! Why don't you offer to do a write up of the de May events, just what we need - a roving reporter !!

05/07/2013 09:16:04
David Henshall
Hi Ben...

I'll be at Bosham - I'm covering the event for a couple of magazines (and will be judging the Concours too - get polishing) but I'm more than happy to do a 'merlin specific' write up if you'd like one.


05/07/2013 09:47:29
Martin Hunter
I thought it would be good for the rest of this associatin, to read what is happening with the old boats,in the past if you went to an Open Meeting there would have been a write up, perhaps I am missing the point and we dont do write ups any more, is that the case?


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