MR 2488 - "SATCHMO"

21/06/2013 21:07:21
Peter Rotherham.
This Rowsell Bros September Girl has been saved from the bonfire. Does anyone know anything about it please ?

22/06/2013 09:41:19
Mr X
It belonged to Graham Pike and Patrick King of Hamble River Sailing Club. Quite a fast boat in its day. Originally painted with Crown Jasmine Yellow and had a varnished bottom and black waterline. From the same mould as Philistine that won the Merlin Champs at (I think)Poole.

22/06/2013 20:45:17
Mr X
Is it in bad condition? It was a very pretty boat in its day.

22/06/2013 21:26:19
Chris M
The hull is pretty good.

Looks like its had a new deck at some point, probably professionally done but now hanging in tatters. Well worth rescuing though, it has joined its stablemate 2427 in the loft

28/06/2013 23:10:14
Peter Rotherham.
Thank you Mr "X" and Mr "M"..........

Drying out, tidying up, then repaired, redecked, etc., should be sailing again 2014.

18/07/2013 13:13:55
James Blacksell
I'm pretty sure this is a boat my family used to own. It was called Satchmo and matches the design and builder but can't remember the sail number. We sailed it out of Pembrokeshire Yacht Club around 20 years ago. It blew over in a storm and the decks got damaged, which my father replaced. We did very well in local regattas and had a great race in the Tenby round the Island keeping up with Ospreys and Fireballs until a dead run home stopped us in our tracks. Really lovely boat to sail. Good luck with the restoration.


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