ASP up for grabs

29/05/2013 14:11:22
Unfortunately I have to admit defeat, when i took on ASP it was with the assumption that although scruffy she was basicly sound. The reality is that she is a restoration project. There is rot (now removed ) in the keelson and keel and a small amount in the centreboard case, this coupled with needing garboards replaced and redecking means that for me sadly she is beyond economic repair. Therefore I am offering her to anyone willing to carry out the work and return her to former glory.
Regards Dalo

29/05/2013 17:27:55
Dalo-where is Asp and is she complete.

30/05/2013 09:49:08
ASP is in West Mersea and although she is complete i have removed parts of the garboard planks that were rotted and also cut away the rotted parts of keel. She clearly has not been sailed for some time but has all spars and sails etc.
You are welcome to come and take a look.



24/06/2013 11:06:47
Last chance for this Smokers!

25/06/2013 09:31:35
I remember racing against Asp when Dan Alsop sailed her very succesfully. I'd take it on but I have a backlog of Merlin restoration work. Is there anywhere she could be stored away while waiting her turn in the queue?


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