carnac france

20/03/2013 17:12:52
steve hunt
Does anyone know anything about the regatta at Carnac (France )in 2014 
the merlin class has a fleet according to the enterprise website ?

21/03/2013 07:00:22
Andy Hay - Business as Usual
Web link as below. Look out for the event in Facebook!
23/03/2013 12:27:01
Rod & Jo
I can offer our services as 'locals with the lingo' though Carnac is so far from our bit of France that we might well quality for the traveller's prize. However we plan to be there in July this year for the OK Dinghy Europeans, so could do some prospecting.

29/03/2013 18:51:25
Richard Stevens
How do we show interest?

29/03/2013 20:10:01
Andy Hay - Business as Usual
Not sure if the link works, but you could find the page on FB and say you are going ....

I am sure that details will be published on the relevant Class Association pages when they are available.!/events/247763682025794/
29/03/2013 20:12:09
Andy Hay - Business as Usual
Ok, so the link didn't work, try this - and I assume that you have access to FB - search for "Carnac 2014" in the top search box and then click on events on the left hand side.

29/07/2013 21:32:41
Graham cranfordsmith 3698
Try this.
30/07/2013 11:47:20
Tom J
Hi all,

Pip mentioned there were a few comments on here so a quick update... Everything is still go, Carnac asked us to guarantee 30 boats across all the fleets so I can't see any issues there. The NOR is currently a half finished word document that I am hoping to finish this weekend so we can open entry.

Carnac have confirmed their costs including some drinks / buffet and a discount for youths. I need to work out the budget for extras like prizes but best guess at the moment is that entry will be about £170 / £120 (depends on currency changes too).

I will hopefully be able to update the carnac2014 webpage and the fb page with entry info in the next week or 2. In the mean time feel free to send me any questions.



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