Round the Isle of Sheppey

19/03/2013 19:37:44
The 7th September is a bit far off...but is anyone planning to do the Round Sheppey race? I've always fancied it.
19/03/2013 21:51:56
Andy Hay - Business as Usual
I would think that a self-draining hull might be an advantage to capsize under the road bridge .... good luck, Mags!

20/03/2013 08:57:10
Andrew M
Nah, just use the river sailor technique of getting to the edge of the water and tipping the boat up with the flaps open to get the water out and off you go.

20/03/2013 17:38:59
I've done it several times in 3529. It can make for an interesting days sailing, dodging ore carriers in the narrow sections of the Swale near the bridge or the huge car carriers out by Sheerness.

Congestion at the bridge is one of the most hazardous points as far as possible damage to the boat, but there are normally plenty of willing volunteers to assist you. Getting the water out before setting off again, especially if its a beat up the Swale is vital. Our transom flaps failed one year, resulting in us filling up to above the top of the centreboard case and having to stop to bail out. Not pleasant as we were knee deep in mud as there are no convenient beaches to stop on.

Worth doing at least once, and one of the Y&Y top 10 events to do.

21/03/2013 09:54:21
Mark Barnes
Having done the race many times, would add one other note, if you have a lifting rudder, make it your preferred option as you can scoot across the flats off Leysdown passing through Ham Gatt (Shell Ness)at half tide. Will save you potentially about 0.8 n.m.

21/03/2013 13:20:11
I've done the event twice (in 3644 in 2011 and 3682 in 2012). Yes, the bridge is a problem, but we were really lucky last year as we capsized the boat about 10 yards from the bridge and the tide carried us through nicely. The boat comes up full of water of course and it isn't that easy to plane it out unless the wind direction is favourable at that precise point (e.g. between East and South).

I'd definitely agree about the lifting rudder point: in fact I'd say it's essential.


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