3292 on Appollo Duck

19/03/2013 15:44:57
Wow,  looks gorgeous... bit steep though?

19/03/2013 19:38:34
Chris I
With a Paintcraft finish on it, the price doesn't seem so bad at £2,650, I hesitate to guess what's been spent on it.

19/03/2013 20:54:17
Doesn't make it go any faster - still a lot for an old design

19/03/2013 22:33:17
I wonder if a previous owner will be struck with nostalgia and an irresistible urge to buy her again?

20/03/2013 09:06:56
I would say that a deck stepped NSM 2 with a paint craft finish is worth that all day long, as long and the rigging is set up correctly otherwise you would end up drilling and plugging holes ruining all their hard work!

20/03/2013 09:21:03
Just looked again and although it says it has a raking rig, it is not deck stepped. To my knowledge only Tim Male has managed to get a hog/case stepped rig to rake effectively and I doubt they have gone to the lengths he did.

Shame to have gone to the trouble of doing such a good paint job and not to have deck stepped it first. Particularly since it is a relatively easy job on a boat that age.

Probably worth a little over half what they want.

20/03/2013 17:20:51
Former Whitstable Pro
Exe'patriate was my last Merlin which I collected from Spud on the way down to Salcombe Merlin Week . Sailed  for a year and a half before finding out that the black band was four inches short on the boom . Went quite a lot better after that was corrected . But family got too heavy so it was sold for £2000 in about 1986


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