Chi & Hamble weekend

11/03/2013 19:01:50
Andy Hay - Business as Usual

Not wanting to wimp out or anything but .... it might be a tad brisk. Anyone fancy watching the rugby instead?

11/03/2013 19:23:04
Chris M - 3744
*cough* wimp *cough*

12/03/2013 08:49:38
I hope I don't regret saying this (especially as we can't make either!), but pretty much every weekend of the Chichester snowflake had a shocking forecast and every time we questioned whether we should go... but every time we did, and had a fantastic sail. It really is quite sheltered at Chichester and the race organisation is excellent

12/03/2013 09:37:34
Posts like this unfortunately make life harder for club organisers as it might put people off going.Saturday looks interesting but Sunday is perfectly fine, and as we all know it could all change by the weekend.

12/03/2013 10:17:43
Sophie is right, the snowflake was excellent as was the frozen toe. Chichester is a great club and a fantastic place to sail, especially if you are new to open water sailing as it is quite a gentle introduction. Sadly we also can't make either of them.

We love Hamble too by the way!!

12/03/2013 10:31:05
Ben 3634
F++k the f++king rugby LETS GO RACING.

12/03/2013 11:10:30
Andy Hay - Business as Usual
Sorry Nick, but I am planning to drive from Tavistock in Devon to attend these events (and Wembley the week after), so a gauge of feeling within the fleet is surely warranted. My crew is also having to commit to attending from some distance too. Frankly, I am more concerned about spending my hard earned cash travelling to an event that may or may not be a wash out than whether my comments make life difficult to the organisers.

Would far rather sail than watch the rugby BTW. Hope to see you at Chi & Hamble.

12/03/2013 11:15:42
william warren
Hi Andy and all others thinking of attending. Having looked at the forecast and knowing the sailing water in Chichester Yacht basin, I would be very surprised if they cancel. CYC are renound for being able to lay on a great sail when all others close by have to cancel.

12/03/2013 11:55:47
I skipped a weekend at Chichester in the frozen toe thinking they would abandon, they didn't and it cost me a podium overal.

The forcast for Hamble looks fine and Chichester is windy but shelered.

Jump in your car Andy, I am sure it will be worth it.

12/03/2013 12:09:38

I'm coming down from Yorkshire, provided Mr Winder has my new mast sorted! I didn't fancy the double unload/packing up for both events as it will be my first ever Merlin meeting, so just going to Hamble.

12/03/2013 15:26:08
What's the problem?  Current forecast is for it to drop to a mere 16 - 30 kt by start time on Saturday.

Bound to change before the weekend anyway.

12/03/2013 19:36:22
Andy Hay - Business as Usual
Agreed, note to self: always beware the long range predictions of Windguru! Sunday looks like a drifter now! See you all on Saturday.


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