Crew Requirement 2013

05/03/2013 12:23:01
Mark Barnes
Afternoon Folks

The best plans of mice and men, may not always come off. Thought I might well be sorted for 2013, but having gone through the schedule and commitment requirement with Hamish, sadly with work load in the lead up to June (for him), he has had to decline the offer which is better now than later, which is a real shame. Primary boat will be the B14 with some Merlin sailing as well.

So that now leaves Seavolution 1 (GBR788 - Dinghy Show 2013 boat) requiring a crew for the 2013 season, doing all TTs, Nats, Euros and Worlds. Situation is the boat is SE based and the crew will be required to cover their own costs and contribute to some entry fees, the rest is covered.

Requirement is someone who is fit, well versed at National or International level and ideally 73 kg or less. Aim is to hit the ground running asap.

Await replies with interest.

Bye for now


05/03/2013 12:33:21
Keith Callaghan
Mark, I meet all your requirements, and I have the inclination, time and resources. I think you should therefore have stipulated an age limit!

Good luck with your search.

05/03/2013 13:07:19
Mark Barnes
Afternoon Keith, goes back to our conversation on Sunday afternoon. 

Yes folks a sensible age please as the person who is to front end the boat, will be expected to be fit enough to take the challenge/campaign to the front of either the Merlin or B14 fleet.

06/03/2013 12:50:23
Barry Dunning
A blatant case of ageism!!

06/03/2013 17:03:40
You could try Bob Lobby


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