Repairing a carbon mast

04/03/2013 17:47:28
My 1st generation bulletproof SuperSpars mast is running into problems at the foot, where it is bulging out, I am sure from problems relating to the carbon/aluminium interface and the effect of water going down the mast with every capsize over the last 13 years I've owned it.

Any suggestions for who would be able to repair it? Probably needs a bit taking off the foot and a new section grafting on, and there are a couple of other tidy-ups that would be sensible at the same time. Not an easy thing to transport so within reach of the SW edge of London would be good (Chipstow is dead opposite edge of London)


04/03/2013 18:58:30
Chris M - 3744
This is a common problem with the old aluminium heel plugs. The new resin ones which do not cause the mast to eat itself are made so that you cut the mast just above the corroded bit to replace, basically the plug is much taller. Hard to explain without a picture!

What you do is work out exactly how much taller the plus is, mark the mast and apply hacksaw. The hardest bit is getting the new plug square.

04/03/2013 22:01:54
Andrew, when you find out where to get the resin heel, get two and I'll help you cut your mast so I can practice before cutting mine!! I think I have a cunning plan using a mortice box and a tenon saw. (carpenter talk)


04/03/2013 22:11:40
Andrew M
Sounds like a plan to me, can see how that would work.  Maybe we could toss a coin for whose mast goes in the box 1st!!  Will see if I can locate the heel plug.


05/03/2013 10:06:06
Wrap/tape a sheet of A4 paper around the tube so that it lines up and hack saw around the edge. If you saw straight through carbon tube it delaminates and cracks.

06/03/2013 13:56:24
We had this problem with the carbon mast on our rater.  We use a couple of jubilee clips.  

Cheaper and less fraught than cutting it!

06/03/2013 16:14:11
Phil Scott has prolonged the life of our still old Superspar beyond all reasonable expectations.  His number is 07973 720 732.

06/03/2013 16:14:43
That should havbe been 'stiff'!


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