3454 on ebay

02/03/2013 21:11:19
paul 3012
Just seen this on Ebay

04/03/2013 00:09:38
Alan Parkinson
I am watching 3454 on Ebay and would appriciate any info on it as i am considreing it for my first Merlin.

04/03/2013 07:08:21
Its a plastic nsm2 by naylor,built ad out 1990

04/03/2013 07:17:06
I have 3463, a plastic NSM2 by Simon Bagley and it is great fun to sail.  You need to check the hull for splits/leaks and 'soft spots' (tap around the inside and listen for different sounds.. filler?) mine has quite a few dinks and dents but she sails great.  I don't think you'll win any meetings in it but it is a good, well balanced boat for learning the ropes. You can get goos s/h sails for a couple of hundred so as long as the hull, mast and rigging are ok you should be fine.

04/03/2013 09:36:22
I had 3446 which was a Naylor NSM2, she went well on the river but was very heavy. She weighed in at 112 KGs at the 2005 Champs amking her the heaviest by some distance! The Bagley ones were built from the same mold but tend to be a bit better constructed and lighter, although by how much I am not sure.

Not bad for a first merlin though.

04/03/2013 19:07:05
Chris M - 3744
If you want a low maintenance boat they are ok, but the wooden ones are preferred. As Jez says they are all rather overengineered and very heavy!

04/03/2013 21:48:37
That boat when built was not overweight. I think it used to be Blue, almost I am sure it was owned by Dave Cumerford and sailed the Abersoch Nationals in 1991.

04/03/2013 22:03:00
Interesting sail no (3699) in the pic though, maybe we will it at the champs this season.


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