Salcombe week crew job for poor kiwi sailor

30/01/2013 07:00:08
Richard Parke
Sue and Richard Parke are coming for a holiday to Salcombe 2013 with the kids. Richard is looking for a crew job to re-live his pre-children life as a Merlin rocket sailor. If there is any chance please contact Richard on [email protected] I am as fit as a fiddle - I take part in triathlons and half iron man regularly.

30/01/2013 14:56:58
Former Whitstable Pro
Can't help with a crewing job but the Shoreham crowd will welcome you .

30/01/2013 17:30:37
Tricky Dicky
Never mind the triathlon credentials.... this is Salcombe week, how's your drinking capacity? Do you remember what Doombar tastes like?  


30/01/2013 20:37:42
Richard your email doesn't work but I may be able to help with a crewing job

31/01/2013 20:34:03
Andy Dalby
Oh dear - hope you've not turned all noncy Richard.  

'Doing lots of triathalons?'

sounds a bit savage - have they they got vodka in?

01/02/2013 22:31:16
Richard parke
It's a bit like drinking but different!  I concentrate on my fitness I'll let you know to focus on drinking - have to keep my body in prestige condition!!  As always....


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