Phantom Kipper

13/01/2013 17:10:19
Lee Pitcher
Hi All. 

I was wondering if you might be able to help. Just taken the plunge and bought my first rocket (advertised on this site) - a Phantom Kipper 1974 sail number 2821. It's badged inside as an Anderson Rigden Perkins and I was wondering if anyone might have some more information on her/what they're like to sail etc. Going to start work on restoring it very soon. Not too sure if I'm going to replace the decks as it looks a bit involved but if someone has some advise on doing this that would be really helpful.

Thanks in advance

13/01/2013 21:38:59
Miles 3646
Welcome to the class, the last time I sailed a Phantom Kipper was in 1975 (Say No More) a fantastic sail at that time.

With regard to redecking, it is not as difficult as you might imagine. I've just finished building a Keith Callaghan Hadron (singlehanded Merlin) photos, quite a lot of them, of putting the deck on can be found at the link below.
13/01/2013 22:15:08
Lee Pitcher
Many thanks for that - really appreciated - great build photos too. Would it be general marine ply for the decking ? Also, what wood are the gunnels made from and how is the best way to get a uniform shape ?
Look forward to seeing the finished boat.

All the best

14/01/2013 13:07:51
Deck is stripey sapele marine ply from Robbins Timber Bristol, gunwhales are Sapele.

I made each gunwhale out of four 2 metre 50mm by 9mm lengths of sapele. For initial template use the cardboard that wood is delivered in (from Robbins). Then make up wood template to match curve. You can just see longitudinal joints in my wood template - which ended up as the final gunwhale. Try and get the grain all going the same way, else shaping can be troublesome.

15/01/2013 21:39:10
Lee Pitcher
Cheers for the link and information Miles - very useful. Will probably give it a go and re deck it. Looking forward to the season ahead !

Many thanks


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