799 Keto

15/12/2012 16:03:15
Mervyn has kindly handed the tiller to Angie and myself and we are very proud to finally own a Merlin after many years of enjoying sailing other peoples.
Thing is she comes with a very smart wooden mast which we want to keep for special occasions and wondered if anyone had a second hand 22`6" hog stepped mast they wood like to go to a good home.
This will enable us to practice withuot fear of breaking the woody.
Looking forward to sailing with you.

16/12/2012 17:20:17
I have measured the wooden mast and from Step to tip in it 25` 3" 

I also meant to say I am willing to pay a reasonble price I am not expecting anyone to come along bearing gifts of alloy masts unless a certain Mr Claus is reading this. Bit of a job to fit on the sleigh mind.

17/12/2012 14:21:17
Tony P 3240

I have a 22"6' mast on my Wine which I am looking to change for a shorter alloy mast as the new style sails don't fit well (and I need a newer main).

If I manage to find a replacement for mine I am sure we could come to an arrangement.


17/12/2012 14:43:07
David Henshall
Roger.. you've posed an interesting problem for us 'oldies'! I'd love to get some other sails for the smokers but the available supply of mains to fit a 'standard' alloy mast have long since  been hoovered up - and I'd guess that as the carbon rig approaches XX years old, then the supply of alloy sticks will follow suit!

That is, unless there really IS a Santa Claus out there....

17/12/2012 17:44:41
Thanks for the offer. Could you measure the full lenght for me.
Chris Barlow has some old alloy masts that might suit you(they may be to old). The mast on Keto is 22`6 measured from the shearline, this equates to just over 25` full length. If yours is around that i would please to give you some beer tokens for it.
Chris Bs mast is around 23` full length if that helps.


17/12/2012 20:14:24
Tony P 3240

I will measure the mast for you but it might not be for a week or so until I get up to the club. I am new to the class so do you have any contact details for Chris?


23/12/2012 17:38:45
Hallo Tony P . The mast I have is 23'2" overall, The bottom band is 4' from the foot. (the gooseneck is adjustable though) between the black bands measures 18'9". It's a gold proctor, not sure what section but it would predate your boat by quite a bit. I think it is off 1736 which was a proctor XIV. c. 1965? 
I also have an earlier mast with similar dimensions not in great condition, this has diamonds rather than spreaders.
Happy to pass either on for a beer or two!
email barlowharpsATskyDOTcom (replace the AT and DOT)

24/12/2012 10:03:21
Tony P 3240
Hi Chris, thanks for your kind offer but I would rather hold out (may be a vain hope) for something more contemporary with the boat. Really I am after the newest standard alloy mast I can get my hands on.

Have a great Christmas and thanks again.


24/12/2012 10:30:24
No problem, Tony.
They're around, plus other Merlin parts, if anyone wants.
Most of the stuff I have is from earlier boats say pre '65 ish.


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