Merlin No.2116

29/11/2012 16:52:44
Tim Hides
I am in the process of bringing back to life Merlin No.2116 "Zigger Zagger". She has a strange sail set up,the mast is rigged in a diamond configuration through the spreaders and the shrouds miss the spreaders completely. The mainsail measures 2250mm foot x 5500mm luff, the jib I have not measured. I would like to know what I have, and if getting some decent second sails is possible.I know she has been laid up for at least 35 years. I want to try to keep her as original as possible, with the intention of entering in some classic events eventually

29/11/2012 17:47:10
According to the book she's a Proctor 9B built by Chippendales and Zigger Zagger is the name registered.
You'll be very welcome at cvrda events with a pretty much original boat.
30/11/2012 08:54:25
Mike Liggett
She was built in 1968 and from the Year books seems to have spent most of her life in Essex.


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