Scales to weigh a merlin

29/11/2012 15:04:02
Does anyone have a set of weighing scales in West/SW London area I clould borrow for an evening/day? I would like to check my boat's weight before I consider asking a measurer(which might be a complete waste of his/my time as I think the chances of being under-weight are slim!)

29/11/2012 15:43:11
Measurement Man
Hi Dave,

If you want to call me I have the analogue scales not far from you.

07837 239958

30/11/2012 23:06:31
Rob Heath
I've got an imperial (pounds) scale that you could borrow, alternatively, as a measures, I don't mind 'wasting' my time talking Merlins. I'm in the Merlin handbook or e-mail me, I'm in Hampton, occasionally known as West London

Rob H


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