Autumn mag

01/11/2012 09:10:15
Printed and address database sent to distributors so lock up the dogs

With increasing postage costs we are sending out membership reminders with the mag, these are due 1st January but don't let them end up at the bottom of apile

Woof woof

06/11/2012 17:07:02
Coming soon


07/11/2012 20:06:37
John Cooper
Got mine today. Fantastic read. Well done Pat

07/11/2012 20:18:10
Richard Stevens
Not just the reading but also some great photographs and layout.
Well done all concerned

07/11/2012 20:49:44
Another ggod product. Will enjoy the read over the next couple of weeks. Well done folks

09/11/2012 18:43:25
Everybody should have their mags now, great issue

13/11/2012 19:10:16
Mine hasnt  :-(

have i forgoten to pay my subs!?

14/11/2012 03:56:44
Quite a few daves  in the   Who are u.  Email my owner.  He's the treasurer


14/11/2012 11:38:04
David Child
Just to say it is truly excellent. Good pictures with whole boats in them as well. The Championship report clearly written, informative and not exclusive by using nick names etc. Well done a return to John Nicholls, Ian Proctor, Jack Knights and David Thorpe's reports of my youth! Thank you Patrick and contributors.

14/11/2012 14:19:49
mike partridge
Hi Megan, I would love to congratulate everybody on the magazine but unfortunately I haven't seen it yet ! Any idea whats up ?

14/11/2012 16:06:38
Got my paws working and sent you an email mike

14/11/2012 17:15:32
Pat Blake
Well they are not all whole boats David. I know you are a big fan of Eileen Ramsey and Beken, as am I, but there are other ways to portray the excitement of our sport and I think Mike Rice's shot on the centre-fold is terrific too.

I do agree about the writing though and Tim Fells deserves many thanks for his excellent work on the reports. Your comparisons with 'the greats' is deserved.


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