Merlin 172 - "Forward"

26/10/2012 12:39:38
I have just been shown some (very old) photos of this boat, donated to the HISC archive, does anyone know if it still exists, or any history?


26/10/2012 17:16:19
Tony Lane
The earliest year book I have is 1951 it shows the owner of 172 'Forward' as F. Hurlbatt but no club is recorded. The owner lived in West Molesley, Surrey. The boat was of course built by Jack Holt Ltd. The 1962 book confirms that she is or was a Dilly design by Jack but no owner is recorded then.
The 1963 book shows a new owner as M. D. Marcus at Marlow but again no club is recorded.
There doesn't appear to be any further information in later year books.

27/10/2012 02:43:40
Thank you for the input, and yes Mr Henshall, same subject - just interested, although why I should know anything about boats of this errar I have no idea!

27/10/2012 10:46:08
David Henshall
Oh no...I've been 'outed'! I knew of the existence of the jenny Dandridge pictures, what some of them showed and more importantly, their significance! I'm heading down to Hayling soon and I'll be seeing them (and hopefully jenny D too). I can let you know when I'm coming down and maybe we can hook up then. I had hoped to be at HiSC today as some of our Netley clubmates had organised a test sail with Graham W but looking out of the window I doubt if that will be happening; it might be bright and sunny but it is collars of the dog winds here!(latest report from ChiMet is northerly 29-35kts), add another 5 or so for here! I hope they can get the sail in soon as they've sold up their other boats with Merlins in mind, though the helm will also continue racing on the Laser masters circuit where he's a strong contender, so aanother 'good' helm coming into the class.
Are you going to be at HiSC in March for my G.O.D.S. talk on Nevil Shute?


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