Trent Valley

19/10/2012 21:45:46
As we were the winners of this Midland event can someone please explain why it seems to have disappeared from the Midland event list?

19/10/2012 23:01:33
Have a look on the results page and you will see it there a long with you correctly recorded as the winners.

20/10/2012 08:38:46
Must be well hidden......I've looked on the Midland Circuit results (from the home page link) and the event isn't even recorded.  I need more precise directions please cause I STILL can't see it....

20/10/2012 09:11:08
Chris M
If you're talking about the link below i bet it was never there.

It would, obviously, have been on the fixture list but won't be there now because it's happened. It's quite possible whoever set up the page below forgot to put it on, and it wouldn't have been picked up until now because noone uses that page for fixtures.

There is no reason why anyone would remove it, and leave the others up.
20/10/2012 09:13:45
Chris M
This is the results page Martin is talking about - it does take a bit of finding!
20/10/2012 11:36:03
Aha!.......found it thanks Chris!.......blond......I know!!!


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