Spinnaker Pole Length

18/10/2012 09:16:49
Roy Poole
Can someone tell me what the maximum spinnaker pole length was before the current length was introduced?

18/10/2012 09:24:50
Chris M
I'm sure they were 6 feet. don't know what that is in metric though!

18/10/2012 10:07:36
Roy Poole
1830mm. Yes, that seems familiar. Thanks.

18/10/2012 10:41:34
Interestingly the 420 pole is 1800 so almost the same. I know because I cut 30mm off an old Merlin pole to make a replacement for my daughter's 420. So 420's are a possible source if you need an old length pole, possible options for selling an old merlin one!


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