Merlin Open at Ranelagh

14/10/2012 22:54:25
The long anticipated final fling for the Thames Series is nearly upon us. The 28th Oct at Ranelagh, the home of the Merlin, and impossible conditions.
As usual there will be a bacon buttie, and a full sit down meal straight afterwards. All included in the Race Entry of £10.
Last year it was Chilli so this year we are going French, a Cassoulet.
With a start time of 11:15 the registration will start at 9:15 and remember to collect your breakfast and lunch tickets.
There are no parking charges on Sunday so no excuses.
Although anyone can turn up, an idea of numbers always helps, so post here if you are coming.
So far 12 entries.

16/10/2012 15:54:22
Frances Gifford
Hi Brian,

I'll be there of course. Just to avoid any confusion, if one clicks on the link above for details of forthcoming events they would be shown a start time of 13.00 hours. To avoid anyone turning up to find we've all started already, please could the time be confirmed (the Ranelagh schedule shows 11.15) and the link above be corrected (Mags?)

Pretty sure start time is as Brian says 11.15, just the link above needs changing....

Looking forward to cassoulet.


16/10/2012 16:31:19
Thanks, must have been left like it when event was first set up a year ago.
Corrected now
23/10/2012 09:19:21
Bump - remember bacon rolls from 9:15. Lunch straight afterwards and ... a Michelin Tyred Chef for the day..... 
Forecast looks great for the river this weekend.
Please can we ask guests (those not sailing) to pre-book lunch. Non sailing £1.50 a bacon roll, £4 lunch. If not then sailors come first.
See you all Sunday morning.

26/10/2012 17:13:19
Frances Gifford
Don't forget the clocks go back on Saturday night.  Its not too important because if you forget you will be early which isn't so bad but still a useful thing to know when planning your day on the Thames.

Hoping lots of visitors make the trip. The forecast is good.

And Brian does make very nice food.

See you all on Sunday.


26/10/2012 22:51:57
Mark 3442
Agreed, the food is exceptionally good. the extra hour might give me enough time to make it to the start as well...

30/10/2012 10:20:34
Pat Blake
Sorry we didn't make it to Ranelagh on Sunday - but how was it? Who won? Was Brians food up to scratch?

30/10/2012 11:42:18
Results are on Ranelagh and Tamesis Web sites Tamesis has a long narrative.

30/10/2012 14:39:25
Frances Gifford
Hi Pat,

Sorry not to see you guys. It was a good sail. Enough wind to get past the football club without too much difficulty but not super exciting from a wind direction point of view.

The food met all expectations although having read Mike's report on the Tamesis website, I do wonder where he got his salmon lasagna from. Pretty sure the rest of us had chicken and chorizo cassoulet which was absolutely lovely.

Hopefully see lots of visitors for the Spring event that starts the Thames Series off.



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