Felucca- wrong cover picked up

11/10/2012 20:05:48
I accidentally picked up the wrong spare cover on Sunday at hollingworth after the felucca. I picked up a speed one with a zip for the hoop. It was drying out over a boat and was quite green and gooey which is why I thought it was mine! In return, I left my similarly green gooey speed cover that doesn't have a hole for the hoop. 

I am up near hollingworth this weekend so could come over and do a swap on Sunday if anyone knows who's cover I've stolen and where mine might be?

Sorry for being a cover thief... I blame hollingworth bar as usual...


P.s. thank you for a marvellous event as ever hollingworth!

11/10/2012 21:26:17
Missing link!
Might find it and solve two peoples problems - good luck


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