NSM 1 or 2 versas Smokers Satisfaction

08/10/2012 15:04:52
I am considering buying a Merlin Rocket and wondered which of the 3 designs would be my best bet. The crew weight will be around 24 stone and  the boat will be used for sea sailing (south coast club sailing) with a combined weight of 24 stone (14 stone helm).

08/10/2012 15:38:03

08/10/2012 15:40:10
WP .
NSM2 or 4 but all will be outclassed by the modern Tales variants.....

08/10/2012 15:50:02
Early Tales or variation of, might be your best bet and similar in price to NSM4 if you can run to (say)£2k

08/10/2012 22:44:50
Chris M
if youre sea sailing you could do much worse than 3408. I owned the sister boat 3399, HBR design. A great sea boat, very stable and forgiving.

10/10/2012 12:38:42
Thanks for all the information. Just one more question, which of the NSM´s versions and Smoker Satisfaction is more stable and easier to handle in rough seas.

10/10/2012 13:10:25
David Child
No Merlin Rocket of any age is easy to handle in rough seas and big winds but oh so rewarding. Or so I recall.

10/10/2012 13:42:15
If you are on the light side and sailing on the sea you should also consider a Summer wine, one or two nice looking one's on the for sale list also 3542 may be a bargain budget sea boat.

10/10/2012 14:20:58
Andrew M
NSM 1&4 are reckoned a bit more stable than the NSM2, having owned both a 1&2 frankly there's not much in it, a 4 has a flatter transom & will be a bit easier downwind, the Smokers definitely less stable downwind in a breeze.  Steppenwolf 3542 seems to have vanished from the open circuit after Mark Candelas sold it.  Best known for the Thompson Paddle award when he stuck the mast through the awning over the cockpit of a large (occupied) motor yacht moored just off the clubhouse at Salcombe one year.  Would be a much better sea boat than the NSM series, as would 3408.

10/10/2012 14:23:28
David, the only problem with the summer wine is my combined crew weight. Do you think I would still be ok with this design with an all up weight of 24 stone?

10/10/2012 21:14:25
Rob H
No not really, either a 2 or a 4 would be cheapest, it all depends on your budget

10/10/2012 21:40:41
Chris M
None of the NSM series will compete with a Tales or variation at sea. If you're sailing off an adjusted handicap The IV is probably the quickest though if you're a bit beefy the II will handle the weight better and is arguably the most pleasant to sail. Leave the Smoker for the rivers/lakes.

3408 will be easily the most pleasant to sail at sea of all the above. It's not a Tales or variation thereof, but is well and truly off the NSM path. Very flat rocker wide transom and a fine bow. You do need to sit aft downhill but it's a very stable ride. It's weak point for me was force 1 ish with mucg tacking in a ghoster it actually wasn't too bad and we were at the time very light in what turned out to be a porkers boat having spoken to Jacko who built it!

11/10/2012 12:26:13
Hi Nigel, You are too heavy for a Summer Wine. I have to agree with Nigel 3408 looks like your best bet for the sea.

11/10/2012 12:26:53
Sorry, meant to say I agree with Chris!

11/10/2012 15:44:11
Many thanks for all the advice. I think as you have said it is now down to my budget and how much the wife will let me spend! The summer wine and smokers are definitely out.

11/10/2012 15:51:45

You didn't say where you are sailing. It might be worth chatting with you club members to get their advice. They may even know of a good boat that's on the market - that's how I bought my first Merlin.

13/10/2012 11:27:38
Ex Jalapeno
Dear Nigel, I don't think that Andy is really 14 stone is he? :-)


15/10/2012 16:10:35
Robert Harris
My nephew Andy Harris and his sister Sara won the Tamesis open meeting in a strong fleet yesterday sailing his Smokers Satisfaction.


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