Wembley Silver Tiller this weekend

17/09/2012 13:08:17
Paul Dean
Hi All. Now you have had your warm ups at the Nationals and the Inlands the serious business begins again - yes - its the Wembley Silver Tiller next Sunday 23rd September!!!!

Usual format - 3 back to back from 11.30am, loads of prizes incl the Century Cup for the golden oldies (combined age over 100) and first boat over 10 years old.

Free bacon roll / egg (for the veggies) & tea on arrival and the (free) Wembley chilli & baked potatoe & salad tea after racing. Bottles of water and mars bars distributed on the water during the interval of R2 and R3 - all part of the entry fee.

Here's a link to the NOR http://www.wembleysailingclub.co.uk/Downloads/WSC%20MERLIN%20POSTER%202012.pdf

If you want to drop your boat Saturday then we can arrange that. I hope you can come and join us, we reckon we'll get 30+ this year.

Best regards

17/09/2012 20:11:48
Looks like a decent wind forecast

Woof woof

19/09/2012 13:55:34
Paul Dean
Early forecast for Sunday: http://www.windguru.cz/int/index.php?sc=105310

Looks good, wind blowing straight down the Harp for a nice long beat.

All the prizes arrived today from Rooster, bouyancy aids, aqua-fleeces etc.

It's gonna be great - if there's one Open you want to do before the end of the season it's got to be this one!

See you Sunday, Paul

20/09/2012 10:03:32
Alex 3556
Why does the link on the event page take you to the online entry page for the Weymouth open?

Has a Weymouth member Hijacked the page?

20/09/2012 10:35:56
Paul Dean
Can't answer that one. The description on the website is last year's. I did ask it to be changed, but the only difference is we are not having a Vintage prize this year.

Here is the link to the Wembley site which shows our poster:


21/09/2012 09:38:59
The reason for the odd lnik is becuase I am an idiot and cannot cope with two clubs called WSC. I will attempt to put Wembley and Weymouth pages back in order now...

21/09/2012 10:30:44
Paul Dean
Thanks Mags. Gives me a spurious excuse to bump my thread before Hollingworth and Hampton engage in open warfare!!! :-)

24/09/2012 09:08:10
Paul Dean
Here are the results from yesterday. Range of conditons from F1 grind in heavy rain, to F6 gusts and a late heavy squall. Probably as many capsizes amongst the front runners as the rest of the fleet, which gave the rest of us heart, ha ha!

Full results have been sent to the results coordinator and will be out shortly:
21 competitors in total, here's the top 8:
1st Dave Winder/ Pippa Taylor
2nd Matt Biggs / John Hackett
3rd Paul Hollis / Ben Hendon
4th Jon Turner / Richard Parlow (Century Cup prize, 1st team over 100 years old)
5th Taxi / Tom Pyghall
6th Jon Gorringe / Nicki Bass
7th Pat Blake / Jilly Blake
8th Duncan Salmon / Harriet Salmon
13th Alan Markham / Alice Markham (1st boat over 10 years old prize)

Thanks to all the visitors, see you all soon

25/09/2012 15:58:48
ST update sent to Mags. There is a new leader at the top, but only 0.1 pts in it....


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