Looking for an NSM2

11/09/2012 21:14:23
Rob Heath
I'm looking for an NSM2 in a ready to race condition, preferably nearer to SW London than Birmingham, is there one out there? Wife says she'll crew for me if I get a boat with a real thwart!

12/09/2012 00:09:23
Rob you seriously need to come to the inlands at Blithfield.
For a mere £35, yes just £35 ! you can test sail your new boat, enjoy 5 fun filled races, dance to a live Jazz Band, sate yourselves on a delightful roast pig and get off your face on "yummy local larger"
(Sadly the lager is extra)
Then assuming you give Ian Mckenzie enough beer tokens you can towe your new ship home!

P.S. Camping is free, e-mail me and I will point you in Ian's direction.

12/09/2012 09:44:34
3346 - composite, deck-stepped NSM2 sadly for sale (We have seen the dark side and bought a Winder). Actively campaigned last 2 years at Salcombe and on the Midland and Silver Tiller circuits. At Blithfield ready to go and available for the Inlands. Advert about to appear on For Sale page.

12/09/2012 11:16:39
Chris - ex Galactic Gnu
Rob, you might remember 3346 when we sailed her at Burghfield SC in the late '90s, when the club ran Merlin Opens and we attended the Nationals in those days. Successful owners have updated the equipment from the alloy mast etc. we had.
A few months ago I wondered what happened to her and found her with Ian. I had hoped that we would see her at the Lyme Nationals when we looked after the grand children, while Andy and Caroline sailed 3626.
Good luck with your quest

12/09/2012 11:53:09
Andrew M
Galactic Gnu spent a bit of time at Hampton in Mike Hendy's ownership, Rob and I will remember her from then.  Is Seventh Heaven still for sale?  Would be worth a trip up the M6 if so Rob, there is not another NSM2 with a better record and was in good condition about 3 years ago when I crewed in her one day at Rutland, everything present and correct, even working!  There may even be a corrector or two you could take out and replace with cushions on the thwart for Jo

12/09/2012 14:23:49
Rob Heath
Perhaps I should explain further, I have a Winder and I want an NSM2 to sail on the river at Hampton where I have crew problems, I'm committed this weekend, and most weekends so I don't really want to spend a day on a motorway looking for a boat.
I do remember Galactic Gnu, I can only hope she is in better condition now!! and, yes, Seventh Heaven would be the boat if I could get to Birmingham.

12/09/2012 14:26:04
We added the name decals on the side....it looked like Salactic Snu...miss that boat, would love to have her here with me..we bought her from Richard Battey, she was very pretty

12/09/2012 14:29:24
After 27 years I'd like to think that she still looks pretty good

12/09/2012 17:26:28
Richard Battey
GG was another of the many Merlins I have owned and a lovely boat she is. I hade her deck stepped and a square hoop installed by Laurie Smart back in about 2004 and as ever a fine job he did too. I bought the boat off Chris. I agree those decals were a bit dodgy. Good to hear from you Mike.

12/09/2012 18:20:30
Thanks Richard, long way from home...not a merlin for miles around...

13/09/2012 09:48:23
Wembly and Hampton coming up,any one for transporting an NSM 2 South - oneway.


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