Paralypic sailing coverage

05/09/2012 10:32:28
Am I missing something?
Struggling find any on-water footage.
Maybe there is none?

05/09/2012 12:19:23
I have not found any either. I would be suprised if they don't show the medal races tomorrow.

05/09/2012 12:42:02
Mark Barnes
None found so far. But light airs on the bay. Hopefully they will show the medal races, but coverage for that would be expensive to put in place.

05/09/2012 15:18:18
Don't think there will be medal races, just races that count as normal.

05/09/2012 20:26:52
Peter Fryer.
My understanding is that all the 3 classes for the Para games are being sailed in Portland harbour itself. I feel sure that television coverage could easily have been provided had they been bothered, and considering the way the broadcasters keep congratulating themselves on the rest of the coverage, it is extra annoying!
Rant over!

05/09/2012 22:14:49
C4 showing how good the BBC are ???


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