Spinnaker retrieval

15/08/2012 21:09:22
Can someone explain why the spinnaker patch goes on the leeward side of the spinnaker please?

15/08/2012 23:00:22
Chris M
to stop you running the kite over on its way down

16/08/2012 08:41:24
Andrew M
Has anyone tried it the other way round to see what happens?  The sail would be going up inside out and would have to blow right way out to fill I suppose.

16/08/2012 10:53:05
If you had the rope attached to the inside of the spinnaker, when you drop it all material below the patch would drop into the water, resulting in a "haddock Drop" and running over the spinnaker as stated before.

16/08/2012 19:35:49
Chris M
I'm sure this was a lesson learned quickly in the 70's!!

17/08/2012 12:42:55
Andrew M
Makes a lot of sense when you stop to think about it...

Will try doing that more in the future instead of posting rubbish


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