Where is Finlandia ? (3190)

13/08/2012 23:57:28
Anyone know where 3190 is and how she is doing? 
It’s almost time for the Blithfield Inlands which was my first serious Merlin outing in Finlandia back in 2007 and I am feeling all nostalgic !!
Would like to know where / how she is?

14/08/2012 12:52:14
Finlandia owner here. I've got her tucked up in a barn in Essex at the moment while I take some time out.  Still looking good and will look pristine when I've stripped and re-varnished the deck. 

A combination of novice sailor, merlin rocket and the Tamesis stretch of river Thames has been challenging for me but I plan to get back into it later this year.

14/08/2012 17:19:02
Tony Lane
It is great to hear that Finlandia is still looking good and being well cared for.
She was beautifully built by Rowsells and her results made us appear more competitive than we deserved.


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