Latest Weymouth result

02/08/2012 14:06:11
Good day on the water so far for GB. Stu and Stevie going well...
02/08/2012 15:50:02
And Richard Whitworth mentioned in name on the commentary:

"Hollingworth Lake. Some good sailors there. Richard Whitworth. Wonder if he's still there?" Priceless!

Well done all. Keep up the good work.

02/08/2012 17:05:31
Richard (3233)
Team GB looking good on the water...

02/08/2012 17:16:50
Measurement Man
How many series discards?

03/08/2012 10:23:15
Think only 1 which comes in after 5 races. Doesn't seem many for the 49er series.

03/08/2012 10:32:20
steve Watson
I was there!
best day out. Good news regularly arriving throughout the day.
49 ers were in the harbour but the GBR spinnaker was very clear.
470 race was good to watch.

04/08/2012 20:48:06
They sail 10 races with 1 discard.(15 for the 49'er). The top 10 boats go into a final race were thier score is doubled, 2 for first, 4 for second etc. and added to thier 9 race score.

04/08/2012 22:27:41
I think the 49ers get two discards.

06/08/2012 00:17:40
49ers usually get an extra discard after 12 races (when sailing a qualifying and a final series before the medal race).  Not at the Olympic regatta though, which is effectively all Gold Fleet racing. SI 25 'Scoring' refers (click the link below and scroll down).[12499].pdf
06/08/2012 19:57:02
Barry Dunning
What a great day on the water yesterday at Weymouth.
As Marshall Leader for the medal racing yesterday, I had the honour of escorting Ben off the course, up to the Nothe and then back to the Olympic Centre. Well done Ben. Felt sorry for Percy and Bart.

06/08/2012 21:11:43
Looking pretty impressive in the 470s too - almost a matchrace already for Luke and Stuart with the Aussies.


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