Selden Nationals & Certificateas

24/07/2012 08:58:52
Now the time has past to get your reduced price entry in I would think all bar a few people have now entered. The list of entries will be updated soon and I will then be looking to see who has, and more importantly who has not, got an upto date certificate.

As a reminder, this includes having the corrct owners name on the certificate!

If you need to update yours all you need to do is send a letter with your boat number and your details on it (Preferably accompanied by the old certificate) stating that you are the new owner of the boat and what club it will be sailed from. Send a cheque with it for £25.53 payable to the RYA.
Send it to:

Andy Wibroe
RYA Technical Unit,
RYA House,
Ensign Way,
SO31 4YA

He will do the rest and send you a new certificate and me a copy.

Given how up to date you all where for Salcombe, I do not see an issue but there has been a few boat changes in the last month so a good time to get those certificates changed.

Thanks all, and have a good champs!!!

24/07/2012 09:28:17
Lou Archer has been telling me entries have been piling in, looks like it will be a really good entry

We just got our 50th new member this year welcome Peter

remember though you need to be a member of the association if you are sailing in the Nationals irrespective of whether the boat owner is

just praying i dont break another mast

24/07/2012 09:37:07
Andrew M
At least you managed to break it on camera for everyone to see how it's done!  Looks like the old classic nose-dive with the rig carrying on downwind while the hull stops, the bang when it went must have been impressive

25/07/2012 23:50:34
Chris M
Sent yours off yet Jez? ;)

26/07/2012 08:35:42
If I were coming to the nationals I would have done as soon as I got home from collecting the boat!

26/07/2012 08:44:53
Andrew M
The Jez formerly known as Jez3645 - I see the old boat's coming anyway

26/07/2012 10:03:31
Yes, the new owners have been busy practicing and making her work how they want her too. I am looking forward to seeing her further up the fleet!

31/07/2012 17:38:26
I have now had my latest update from the RYA and the list of 63 entries so far has been posted for a while. There are still a few boats that do not have an up to date certificate and I cannot tell you how imperative it is that this is done before you turn up at registration without a certificate. Given that the RYA are quite busy at the moment I suggest you do not delay!!

Borrowed boats will need to borrow the owners certificates also. These are the boats I suspect are borrowed:


Could you please let me know if they are and if so, who the owner is. I am pretty sure, since it has come up before, that 3670 does not belong to the registered owner regardless.

Boats that have been recently purchased but do still have time to sort this:


Boats that 'appear' to have no excuse:


I apologise to those who are on the list and have already sent their certificates off but this is a pre warning not a telling off so don't take it personally!

Those new to the class with new boats, we are hot on this, as you can tell! This is an advisory to you guys. Welcome to the Merlin Class, have a good champs and don't fall down at the first hurdle!!

Thanks evryone.


01/08/2012 10:58:44
Jez 3719,

Moist has a new owner, and the certificate is in the post!

Tim 3643

01/08/2012 13:39:19
Nice ;-)

01/08/2012 16:24:27
oes that mean that 3739 cpmpeted at SAlcombe without a certificate? Surely not!

01/08/2012 23:48:10
More observant
errr no.

Coz it wasn't there.

04/08/2012 13:12:46
Olly Turner
3656 Now in the post.


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