Lyme Regis Champs Urgent announcement

17/07/2012 11:06:10
Louisa Archer
Just to let you know the cut off date for the lower rate of entry is this Friday 20th July... so please get your entries posted asap!
18/07/2012 11:12:45
Louisa Archer

18/07/2012 14:30:05
A Dalby
Thanks for this kind reminder. Posted this AM.

18/07/2012 20:08:06
Louisa Archer
Not long to go...

20/07/2012 10:08:42
Louisa Archer
All received Mr Dalby, thank you.

20/07/2012 13:04:16
Hi Lou

Note the postcode on entry form and champs website are different; is it DT11 8DW or DT11 8DN?

20/07/2012 13:32:33
Early Entrant
You'll need a better excuse than that for a late entry!
The year book says the Post cose is : DT11 8DN

21/07/2012 14:34:52
Louisa Archer
Thank you EE yes, the correct postcode is DT11 8DN. A thin excuse nonetheless...

22/07/2012 13:42:33
Early Entrant
Out of curiosity how many entered in time?

24/07/2012 10:15:17
There are currently 62 entries - seee a full list on the champs website:
24/07/2012 10:46:16
There is only 26 showing on there currently Sophie. Not trying to pick holes as it is a great site, but some of the sail numbers are wrong too. Makes trying to check certificates a tad tricky!!

Keep up the good work!!

24/07/2012 13:05:32
Seems I had a cookie monster in my computer!! He has gone now and I have 62!! But there are still some incorrect numbers.

24/07/2012 21:24:30
Chris M
so,what happens if your sail number is illegible on the entry form..........

(Rich coming from the person with the worst handwriting in christendom!)

25/07/2012 11:46:49
WP .
Was it written in a pen supplied by Speed Sails ? ;)


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