Where is MR 1963?

16/07/2012 23:01:39
Dominic Haughton
In th 1970s I owned "Child's Play" which was a Rowsell built Expectant, No 1963, then in bright yellow. I would like to know whether she is still around. Does anyone in the Association know of her whereabouts?

18/07/2012 19:43:02
Peter Frampton
Stuart Gurney sailed 1963 at Bognor for a few years. Late70's ?

18/07/2012 20:22:53
David Child
1963 was originally and for a short time late 1966 my boat it was then bought by a man from Sussex Motor Yacht Club (Now Shoreham.)who in due course sold it to Stuart Gurney in 1969/70 who renamed it "Child's Play" for obvious reasons. How long Stuart had the boat I do not know I left the class in 1970.


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