Thank you Salcombe YC

14/07/2012 21:51:22
David W
A big thank you to all involved in the organisation and running of another fantastic Merlin Week.

15/07/2012 06:07:48
And from 3346. Thanks to everyone but especially Jane, Jules and all the bar team. 3346 will be back. Ian and Angela

15/07/2012 22:10:46
Andrew M
Usual awesome week, with both one of the best (Wednesday afternoon) & worst (Thursday morning) races I have ever had at Salcombe with the legendary Nick the Fish getting the party buzzing on the Thursday to try & do something to forget the miserable weather!  But Sunday was end to end sunshine & hot on Mill Bay, thanks to all including the rescuers who offered help after the gooseneck disintegrated on the 1st beat on Friday & all those who helped to get the trolley etc over and back from Mill Bay for me.  Needless to say back next year.

Andrew & Ellie 3511

16/07/2012 13:36:12
Ian Garwood
Another brilliantly run week from SYC, both on and off the water, not sure how they manage to do it year after year, it all looks so effortless!


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