My Favourite Jumper-missing in action!

14/07/2012 19:34:14
Chris Downham
I trust everybody has made it back from Salcombe in one piece. Another excellent event! 

Unfortunately, a jumper I left hanging up on one of the hooks under the bar on Big Thursday night has not come home with me. I've checked all around the club and Jools has kindly looked too, but no sign. It's a navy blue Quba woollen jumper with a quarter zip on the front. There's a '378' embroidered on the left breast. It appears to have left the club before I did as it wasn't to be found as we were leaving.

If anyone comes across it in their dirty laundry, could you please let me know. Thank you.


15/07/2012 08:26:25

We have it here. I think we found it somewhere slightly more mysterious than on a hook and thought we were being helpful by taking it home. But then forgot to tell you. I will take it home to sunny London and we can work out what to do after that....


16/07/2012 16:43:42
Was it on a hooker?

16/07/2012 20:39:21
yes...i think i saw james warren wearing it....

17/07/2012 10:03:35
Derik Palmer
'My Favourite Jumper'; what a great namefor a boat...

19/07/2012 15:24:48
Whilst you are on the subject has anyone seen my favourite fleece?  I lost at the lark party at ULU.  Its so long ago know I don't remember the year (circa 1997!)but despite a worldwide search it was never uncovered and I still wake up in a cold sweat...Just thought I would ask.

19/07/2012 16:28:03
The irony of Shaun's loss is that he had only just recovered his favourite fleece that evening after it had spent 2 years on the top of his flatmate's wardrobe.  I still think Pastie had something to do with the theft (even though he was in Australia at the time, as we established by telephoning him at 2 am).

I had a Helly-Hansen romper suit stolen at the 470 Open at Thorpe Bay in 1978. My own fault for going anywhere near Southend. I don't want it back though; I just thought I'd let you all know.

19/07/2012 17:22:15
....I lost my lucky shirt in 1994 - havnt got lucky since :/


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