Merlin Week Photographs

12/07/2012 18:05:22
John Murrell
In addition to being on the Y&Y website I have a large number of photographs from Sunday, Monday and Tuesday on the Fotoboat website - including some of Jo Richards new design. 

To see them go to Fotoboat and follow the links on the home page.

And weather permitting I will be on the water again on Friday.
13/07/2012 19:19:21
Thanks John!

23/07/2012 16:38:21
John Murrell
In addition to the photographs that I have on the Fotoboat website - - I have added the sequence of Colin Brockbank & Martin Hughes felling Megan's favourite tree on Friday morning to my own website. 

I thought that they were too good not to share!
23/07/2012 17:09:26
AJ from Dog and Duck
How beautifully buoyant the Winder boats are

23/07/2012 17:15:39
We were getting a wee bit loaded up, some peopl unfairly  feel Marty and I with our designer bellies and double chins load things up more than most but we will be wafer thin for Lyme   Where I understand entries are coming in thick and fast

Woof woof bring on the champs


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