Looking for a ride at Salcombe

08/07/2012 18:05:56
Rob Allen
Hi, I'm interested in starting sailing Merlins, and am on holiday in Mill Bay this week.  Any chance some kind soul could take me out for a spin after racing one day?  I've done plenty of sailing so hopefully won't be too much of a muppet.....

09/07/2012 09:47:25
Chris Rathbone

Why not visit Salcombe YC and leave your contact details on the Notice Board just as you go in on the right. Ask for a member of the Merlin Rocket Committee to contact you about getting a sail?

Best of luck,


09/07/2012 20:05:50
Rob A
thank chris,, will do

09/07/2012 20:12:50
John Buckley
Rob, Assuming you can get your email, just emailed you.

Cheers, John


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