Sharps Doom Bar Merlin Week 2012 Social Programme

04/07/2012 14:09:59
Jayne Morris SYC
Attached the Social Programme for your delight next week!
We hope you are nearly ready.
I must add the sun came out in Salcombe today...Yippee
04/07/2012 17:05:25
The link above appears not to work so try this one and click 'Merlin Week Social Programme 2012' just above Race Results.
04/07/2012 21:14:02
Harry Skinters
So Tuesdays social is not included in the entry fee? I wonder how much the beer will have gone up by too?

05/07/2012 09:25:57
WP .
Weather is looking ok.........
05/07/2012 10:42:27
Alex 3556
That's a vast improvement on what they were forecasting the other day for next week.

With that wind forecast though, going against the tide should be interesting....

Looks like my plan for loosing weight rather than getting stronger for Salcombe was the right decision!

05/07/2012 16:37:33
WP .
Mmmmm...... light wins all week now that's a shame :)

06/07/2012 11:34:29
Andrew M & windguru now both giving a much more optimistic forecast for next few days, hope it's right & the rain will be stopping as we arrive tomorrow!


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